About Us

Techspace is an online media and forum that provides information and news about science, technology, and technology-based businesses or startups. Focused on Web 3.0.

Through online media, Techspace seeks to explore the technological potential of the nation's children, whether it is publishing the latest innovations, achievements, startups and becoming a media partner for technology-themed events.

Meanwhile, through online forums, Techspace wants to create a sustainable ecosystem for technology enthusiasts and developers where each of these components can grow together to build global technological civilization.

Our Products

Business Solution

Advance your business with Techspace. We offer several services, for technology-based businesses, technology institutions, and universities, including:

Product / Event Paid Promote

Simply by sending a poster and caption, we will help promote your product or event.

Content Creation

For businesses that want to focus on product development, and don't have enough time and limited funds to hire marketing personnel, we together with bloggers + influencers can be a solution.

Content Writing

Simply by submitting a theme and keywords, we can make your blog more qualified.

Choose a service that suits your business needs then send an email to: admin@techspace.club with subject Business Solution, and we will provide further information, both about the complete details of the service and also the rate card.


Presenting news about science, technology, technology business or startups as well as publishing the latest innovations, achievements of global children and becoming a media partner for technology-themed events.


Techspace provides installation services for various advertising models on our site.

For more complete details about advertising, you can send an email to: with subject Advertisse.

Or, contact us via WhatsApp:


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