Play Solitaire, Sudoku, and Missing Letters to Earn Bitcoin!

Farah Diana Patcha . July 27, 2022


Techspace - Good news for classic games and Bitcoin lovers all over the world! Now you can earn your Bitcoin while playing a classic card game Solitaire, a logic-puzzle game Sudoku, and fill the letters missing- Missing Letters. This fact brings that these games are no longer only classic games. 

This “too good to be true “play-and-earn games is an upshot from the extended partnership between Zebedee, the Bitcoin gaming infrastructure provider, with Viker, a mobile gaming studio based in London. 

Zebedee itself is a crypto gaming wallet that is built on the Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, a 2-Layer solution that fastens and shrinks the Bitcoin transactions’ cost. 

Dan Beasley, the Co-Founder of Viker mentioned that this project aims to give gamers more than ‘fun’. Cited from Decrypt, he said “These games are played literally by billions of people, for hundreds of hours over many years. But so far, none of them have been able to earn anything for their time. Why continue that, when we’re now in an era where games can reward you with more than just fun?” 

Beasley also stated that Viker currently has the largest play-and-earn portfolio of casual games, with 500.000 Bitcoin earned by users in a month. 

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From the Zebedee side, Simon Cowell as the CEO of Zebedee commented that introducing the play-and-earn concept using some well-known games to the public and giving it an innovation with Bitcoin rewards is the best way to help the public understand the concept. Even though there are games who already adopt this concept in Zebedee’s platform, this project gives clear and significant integrations for the users. 

He adds that this is a promising project because over a third of the world’s population is a gamer, and this innovation will go beyond as the time goes by. 

To get the rewards, users can play the games from Viker’s app, then write their Zebedee Gamertag- a profile username used in the Zebedee ecosystem. After playing the games, users can check the earned coins in the Zebedee app and spend it in the Zebedee ecosystem, or click withdraw if they want to transfer their rewards. All users can get their rewards, since there are no special requirements to obtain the Bitcoin rewards, nor should users have knowledge about the crypto thingy. 

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Previously, Zebedee and Viker had released three Bitcoin-based play-and-earn games like Wheel of Trivia, Wheel of Crypto, and Balls King as the result of their partnership. With the play-and-earn concept, the companies distribute Bitcoin to the users as the rewards in the game. 

This extended partnership news has come after Zebedee received a $35 million fund from Kingsway Capital, a investment company based in London, supported by Square Enix, a video game giant company from Japan, and several investors.  


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