Ethereum Conduct Final Shadow Fork Test Before the Merge

Farah Diana Patcha . September 11, 2022


Techspace - The Ethereum Merge news has been the hot topic within the Web 3.0 world. This big transformation is anticipated by many people, yet there are some who oppose this merge. The developers had conducted so many tests and trials to make sure there will be no error when the upgrade day comes. As for the prediction, Ethereum said that the upgrade will happen around next week September 13 and 15, if the system test is successful.

Yesterday (09/10), Ethereum just completed its final test of the merge, making it a dress rehearsal before the upgrade. It was The Ethereum mainnet’s 13th shadow fork that went live, without any hitch. This test was conducted to test the potential problem that will appear in the future. Besides, Ethereum also conducted a simulation act to test system switching from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). PoS as a new consensus mechanism will be the end process of mining on the network.

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Cited from Decrypt, the developers said that yesterday’s test was successful, without any problem surfaced within the shadow fork. Marius Van Der Wijden, Ethereum core developer said, “No Issues surfaced.”

Previously, Ethereum also conducted a Bellatrix test, the key pre-merge upgrade before the real transition. From the test, Ethereum detected a problem, which is about “missed block rate” spiked by some 1700%. Missed block rate is used to measure the frequency of Ethereum when it fails to verify a block of transactions that needs validation. This problem appeared in at least 0.5% of the blocks. However, the Bellatrix test last week got 9% of blocks getting this problem.

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The developers get their biggest note about the node in the network. Because of the lack of preparedness, developers need to upgrade the node operators to the proper merge-ready software. Node operators are individuals or organizations behind the network to maintain the backend infrastructure of the Ethereum network. In the Bellatrix test, 25.2% of Ethereum’s nodes haven’t upgraded into the new software. At the time of this writing, the number has decreased, only 16% nodes are now waiting for the upgrade. 

In addition, Terence Tsao as one of the Ethereum core developers commented on the shadow fork test, saying that the missed block rate problem that appeared on Bellatrix test is completely fixed now. 

The Ethereum developers had conducted several tests in the few months, to make sure that the upgrade would work successfully. They’ve prepared for any scenarios, in order to avoid any mistakes on the day of the upgrade. As the second biggest network, Ethereum keeps billions of dollars worth of digital currency, apps, collectibles, and many platforms that are built on the network. This is the biggest reason why Ethereum shouldn’t fail its upgrade. Thus, developers continue to do the test.


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