The Most Expensive NFT Champagne Bottle Sold at $2.5 Million!

Farah Diana Patcha . July 25, 2022


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On June 8, an NFT champagne bottle titled “Magnum of Chateau Avenue Foch” or known as Magnum 2.5, was sold at 2500 ETH, equal to $2.5 million, in a private sale. The champagne bottle includes the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT artwork on the surface of the champagne bottle. This NFT champagne bottle is currently being the most NFT champagne bottle ever in the world. 

The BAYC NFT champagne bottle was minted by Champagne Avenue Foch, a wine distributor, and the NFT on the surface of the bottle was created by Mig, the creator of BAYC and the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT collection. For the finishing, Shammi Sinh, a British Entrepreneur, guided the Champagne Avenue Foch.

Previously, Shinh stated, “NFTs as the new diamond,” expressing his views of NFT.  “This 1 of 1 bottle functions artwork from NFT collections that have above a billion bucks in product sales. Encrusted with diamond-slash Swarovski crystals with pure pewter embedded in the style and design, I required to develop a thing timeless for the modern trader, practically nothing fewer of a masterpiece. As it is sold as an NFT, I expect it to be traded a few times in the marketplace before the physical bottle lands with the right individual who will HODL (Hold On For Dear Life). In order to receive the physical champagne bottle, the buyer will need to burn the NFT. The champagne itself is a work of art and unmatched quality.” he ended his comment. 

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With the BAYC NFT champagne bottle sale, Shinh broke his own record selling the “Style of Diamonds” champagne as the most champagne bottles in the world, back in 2013. The $1.9 million worth champagne has been displayed in famous events, such as Marvel’s Justice League. 


This current most expensive NFT champagne bottle was bought by Giovanni and Pierro Buono, Italian cryptocurrency investors brothers at a fantastic price. Not only one artwork, the bottle is sold with five BAYC artworks, including a Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, and a Sneaky Vampire. By buying the NFT, Giovanni and Pierro Buono owned both the champagne bottle and the NFT artwork with its mental property and electronics rights.

While purchasing this NFT, Giovanni thought that NFT could be a superior financial investment, for now and in the future. Since the world is evolving everyday, creating new trends, and the geopolitical condition changes fast, rich people prefer to save their wealth by collecting expensive things- and NFT is one of the compromising expensive collections.

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As the trends develop, the NFT champagne is now a thing. Nowadays, NFT and expensive wines are sold together in the marketplace, and the trend has been escalating by today. NFT surely helps the brands to make their product authentic, inviting loyal customers to buy their goods, or even being the unexpected income for the brands. As the latest example, Wine Bottle Club has partnered with Exclusible to produce their NFTs champagne bottle. The NFTs chosen will come with distinctive grand cru wines, such as Bitcoin La Cuve cconstrained version, Chateau gruaud Larose, and Chateau Pape Clement.


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