PIXXTASY: Charity-based NFT to Support Anti-Drugs

Farah Diana Patcha . September 12, 2022

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Techspace -  Seeing Web 3.0 as a social ecosystem is now filled with many social projects to help others, and one of the projects made in the Web 3.0 is non-fungible token (NFT). Even though artists gain their profit from their NFTs, there are also non-profit NFTs that are focusing on charity and social welfare. One of those NFTs is PIXXTASY, a charity-based project to fight drug addiction and facilitate rehabilitation for people who are under the drugs. PIXXTASY is now going live on September 7. The funds for rehabilitation et cetera is donated from the profit of the NFT sales. 

Deeper about PIXXTASY

PIXXTASY artworks adopted a real-scene from the drug world. Like real drugs which adopted pop culture icons or big brands logos on its surface, PIXXTASY also used the same method to create its NFT. By this process, the PIXXTASY team aimed to raise awareness by giving an example of what real drugs look like. Thus, people who have never seen the real drug can avoid this harmful thing and stay away from the danger. 

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Behind the PIXXTASY

Zoltan Egri is the founder of PIXXTASY. This NFT is created based on his real story, which came from his 2-years experiences trapped on the drug addiction. After he was finally free from these things, he started to promote the dangers of drugs, warning people to not take this toxic thing. Because of his interests in cryptocurrency, NFT, and the whole Web 3.0 ecosystem, he started this PIXXTASY project. 

This project acknowledges the hard recovery process of drug addiction, with its complex and long steps to escape from drugs. This brings PIXXTASY to be a NFT project that supports the rehabilitation process with its profit, by helping the NGOs and rehabilitation centers which work inline with the project. PIXXTASY as a charity project gives a big hand for those places, because they hardly create their place within the online community.

Who Are PIXXTASY’ Partners?

To establish this NFT, Zoltan Egri has worked with several parties. The first one is KingIT Solutions’ CEO, Edvard Bene, as the Business Development Advisor of PIXXTASY. As the Business Development Advisor focusing on IT, Bene works under the PIXXTASY related to website development, marketing, and NFT development. His company itself is a well-known company that works in the web-development fields.

To promote this project, PIXXTASY also joined hands with BSW, a Hungarian hip-hop group. This two-member rap group is going to help PIXXTASY’ campaign to spread awareness of drugs. With the artist’s 20 millions viewership, the project hopes that BSW could help PIXXTASY to spread the anti-drugs education to the viewers.

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Beside Edvard Bene and BSW, PIXXTASY also collaborates with some charity projects from Germany and Hungary to help them raise a fund. The charity projects they’ve been working on for now are: SUCHTKRANKENHILFE OSTFRIESLAND, MRE KIMM, and tinirehab.hu.

For you who are interested to know more about this project, you can check on their website.


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