Best 5 Crypto Assets to Buy in 2022

Syafira Nur Tazkia Abdillah . September 14, 2022

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Techspace - Cryptocurrency investment is increasingly attracting public attention. However, for those who want to invest in digital assets, you need to know what the best crypto assets are suitable for investment. Based on the Statista report, the cryptocurrency market capitalization in the last five years multiplied from USD 84.8 billion to USD 1.35 trillion. This growth rate is undoubtedly desirable to investors.

To help make money from this investment, you can listen to the following recommendations for the best crypto assets with solid fundamentals and a clear vision and business model.


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Bitcoin is a pioneer cryptocurrency that first adopted the blockchain for peer-to-peer transactions. Starting from Satoshi Nakamoto's paper in 2008, this technology has the vision to provide direct transactions without intermediary institutions. Bitcoins are obtained from mining, where machines need to solve mathematical puzzles. When the puzzle is solved, miners will get a reward from Bitcoins recorded on the blockchain network. This system is called proof of work. 

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Bitcoin has its challenges in terms of speed and energy efficiency. Validation takes 10 minutes to 1 hour. Meanwhile, solving mathematical puzzles takes a lot of energy. This makes it less than ideal for transactions, although the security is very high. Blockchain technology itself is already widely used by other cryptocurrencies. However, bitcoin was the first crypto asset to appear on the market. This makes Bitcoin's position more trusted among investors. Although the cryptocurrency market often fluctuates, investor confidence in Bitcoin is always great. Analysts predict the value of Bitcoin will reach USD 40,000 by 2025. However, this very high valuation of Bitcoin requires significant capital to get optimal returns. If you have substantial wealth and are looking for a safe crypto asset to invest in, you can consider this.


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Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain network whose native currency is called Ether. The Ethereum network's nature is open to providing a platform for other tokens that use the web. Ethereum is also a pioneer in using smart contracts. 

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This smart contract allows developers to use the Ethereum network to build DeFi. Ethereum can accommodate more than 280,000 crypto tokens using the ERC20 compatibility standard. This possible variety of uses makes Ethereum a great crypto asset. As a platform for token development and de-fi, the need for Ethereum will always be there. Therefore, the value is relatively stable and tends to increase in the long term. Experts predict this coin to reach the USD 2,400 mark by 2025. If you want to invest in the best crypto assets for a long time, Ethereum is a better recommendation. 


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VIDYX is a new super token that runs on the TRON network as the currency of the Vidy Project. This project will revolutionize how data ownership on the internet works. So far, large corporations live by using user data but do not provide any rewards. The data is free to use and can even be sold without protection for users. The presence of VIDYX changes this. Using tradable data contracts (TDC) on the TRON network, VIDYX allows users to earn rewards from online activities, such as watching videos. 

When you hold down a video to watch it, the system automatically rewards VIDYX, which goes directly to your e-wallet. Furthermore, you can use VIDYX to transact at merchants that apply this token. You can also trade these coins through the Binance Smart Chain network. This VIDYX function makes it a sustainable token economy as it powers publishers and e-commerce consumers. 

There are several reasons why VIDYX is the best crypto asset for investment, namely:

  • This token has a clear concept and vision with a sustainable business model.
  • Both the digital advertising market and NFT are big markets in the world and have the potential to continue to grow and develop. This makes VIDYX a pioneer of decentralized advertising and has a strong base. 
  • The current VIDYX value is relatively small. This means that the potential cash value is much greater than already high-priced cryptocurrencies, making them suitable for good crypto assets for investment.

This advantage makes investors have a high interest in this asset. Experts predict its valuation could reach USD 2 per coin in the future. If you want to make big money from a crypto asset that has the potential to go up, VIDYX is the best recommendation for you.


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XRP is the native cryptocurrency in XRP Ledger, an open and intervention-free decentralized network technology. XRP uses a shared consensus mechanism to validate ledgers. Independent servers are called validators to execute the consensus protocol and validate transactions in this network. With this method, XRP transaction validation is much faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum. In principle, anyone can be a validator. However, the server must always be connected to the XRP blockchain network. The advantages of XRP make it more trusted by financial institutions than other crypto assets. Experts predict the value of XRP will reach around USD 2-4 per coin by 2025.


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ADA is the native cryptocurrency in the Cardano Project. Like XRP, this project aims to build a more efficient, secure, and scalable decentralized network. Initiated by Charles Hoskisson, co-creator of Ethereum, ADA uses a Proof of Stake system like any other energy-efficient crypto asset. This separates it from Ethereum, which still used Proof of Work initially. In 2021, Cardano adopted smart contracts into its blockchain. This makes the application of its use more widespread to produce a variety of DApps. With the development of the Hydra layer two protocol, Cardano is claimed to be able to validate up to 1 million transactions per second. This broad use of Cardano makes it one of the best crypto asset applications. Although not as fast as other natives, the increase in valuation is relatively stable and not easily affected by market fluctuations. Experts predict Cardano's valuation could reach USD 1.8-2. 

The recommendations for the best crypto assets above are seen from their fundamentals and technology. It would be best to consider market factors before investing entirely. Of course, it's better not to put all your investments in one basket to avoid breaking all the eggs.

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