ETHPoW Surfaced Problem After Its Launch

Farah Diana Patcha . September 16, 2022


Techspace - After Ethereum successfully doing its merge to the new consensus mechanism, the ETHPoW also plans to launch its forked version of Ethereum at the same day, Thursday afternoon. ETHPoW- the Ethereum Proof-of-Work, is another side of the current Ethereum that now uses PoS as its consensus mechanism. ETHPoW is the network for people who don’t want to leave PoW for their consensus mechanism, using EHTW as its cryptocurrency.

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Previously, the ETH miners moved to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that is 99.99% more eco-friendly than the prior mechanism. Shortly after ETHW launched, the problem surfaced in the network. 

The reason behind the problem of ETHPoW is they use the same chain ID, “10001” that has already been used by another firm. People on Twitter replying ETHPoW tweets said that the Chain ID is connected to the other cryptocurrency symbol. Chain ID is a passcode for a specific network to represent the networks’ unique identity to access its on-chain assets. Chain ID was made by Ethereum Classic for its hard fork network in 2016. The “10001” Chain ID used by ETHPoW is currently taken by Bitcoin Cash testnet (BCHT).

Chain ID can be customized by the network, and there’s no firm or authoritarian that manages the Chain ID registration. This problem has led to conflict to be talked about within Twitter’s cryptocurrency community. 

Besides, this Chain ID problem also brings up replay attacks issues for the cryptocurrency community if the ETHPoW failed to transform its network’s Chain ID from Ethereum’s mainnet. If ETHPoW failed to change its Chain ID, there will be a possibility by the scammer to copy transactions in the ETHPoW network to the real Ethereum network if the transactions have the same chain ID. 

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However, according to Decrypt, Chandler Guo, the head of ETHPoW said that ETHPoW Chain ID will likely be changed because of those harmful reasons. Guo doesn’t give any further information about the same Chain ID with the other cryptocurrency network. 

The confusing-chain ID has divided the cryptocurrency community into two sides. The one side said that ETHPoW can work perfectly without any stains, while the other side said that this network is in a messy state. 


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