Google Gives A Little Surprise For Ethereum

Farah Diana Patcha . September 12, 2022


Techspace - Many sides are anticipating the Ethereum Merge that will be conducted this September. Not missing this big chance, Google is giving surprise to anyone who waits for the upgrade by creating the Merge countdown on their search result. When people search “Ethereum Merge”, “The Merge” or any words related to the Ethereum Merge on this biggest search engine, the Google result will show a countdown ticker, containing the estimated time left before the upgrade. But the time is separated based on the currency difficulty, hash rate, and merge difficulty.


In addition, Google also uses two black-and-white happy pandas who are running closer to each other, stretching their hands. The closer the upgrade date, the closer are the pandas position in the countdown display.

Sam Padilla, a Google Cloud developer tweeted on his Twitter, saying that this surprise is to appreciate “the work that has been going into this for years”. This countdown surprise was initiated by him first. After the discussion and brainstorming, the countdown timer was developed by Google's search and labs team.

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Also from his tweet, he said that the timer running on Google is connected real-time to the blockchain. He tweeted, “the underlying data is getting pulled directly from the blockchain via some of the nodes we run.”

The pandas icons were inspired from the tweet by Ethereum R&D team, Hsiao-Wei Wang. The picture explains that Eth 1 (black) and Eth 2 (white) will be merged and created a one Ethereum. 

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Crypto world has caught everyone’s interest, making Google also one of the sides that gain interest in this digital world. Previously, Google had formed a Web 3.0 team under the Google Cloud on May 6. Seeing both the team and the merge countdown made by Google, it is clear that Google is interested in this Web 3.0 blockchain. 


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