Immutable X Teamed Up With Rarible to Reduce Gas Fees

Farah Diana Patcha . September 18, 2022


Techspace - On September 13, an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, Rarible, announced its collaboration with Immutable X. This was announced on Rarible’s Twitter account, saying that “Rarible is now #onIMX”

Thanks to this collaboration, people can now do the transaction of their Immutable X NFT straight from the marketplace. In other words, people will not be charged with any transaction fees because they didn’t need to mint their Immutable X NFT anywhere but the Rarible marketplace. Any Immutable X related collections- Gods Unchained, Illuvium, and many more- will be available in the marketplace.

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Both platforms provide NFT trading within their platforms to help people sell, buy, and trade their NFT collections in Immutable X or Rarible. This method helps them to save transaction costs because they do not have to pay any fee.  

Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder of Immutable X commented on this partnership, saying “Our mission is to bring digital ownership to the masses, providing everyone with the right to fully own their assets. Our partnership with Rarible is a quantum leap forward toward achieving this. Immutable X is making this possible through seamless email-only wallet setup, sparing users the complexity of learning MetaMask and other types of wallets.” 

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More about this collaboration is Immutable X also gives bonuses for people by offering double $IMX rewards, an Immutable X native token. The rewards will be given for people who do the transaction from Rarible marketplace. 

Gaming NFTs have dominated the world of NFT these days, because the blockchain world has entertained tech gamers to create new games in order to experience something new. Besides, gaming NFTs also allows people to trade NFTs within the app. There are also Play-to-Earn games that give away a great amount of rewards for people after enjoying the game. Thus, we can see that gaming NFTs may grow more in the future.


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