LBank Labs Backs New Metaverse Crypto Pre-Sale Robotera.

Delfrina Yasmine . November 16, 2022

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Techspace - Investors and speculators who have been waiting for a brand new project that will center on the Metaverse may rejoice since the project's presale phase has finally begun.

Sandbox Metaverse RobotEra

RobotEra is a project that is centered on the concept of a metaverse. Players can own a piece of virtual real estate within the game world and develop it in any way they see fit. This Metaverse is getting all kinds of utilities you won't be able to find anywhere else, which is one way that the project will differentiate itself from similar initiatives being undertaken by other companies.

The player assumes the role of a robot and is tasked with managing their piece of land within the RobotEra metaverse. They do this by cultivating crops to gather resources and forming relationships with other robots inhabiting the Metaverse.

The TARO token is the indigenous token of the RobotEra ecosystem. It serves as the medium of exchange in the sandbox-style Metaverse and is an essential component of the ecosystem as a whole. The RobotEra presale has begun, allowing investors to purchase its native TARO coin at an early stage. 

Traders have been given this opportunity. The platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is working on constructing a Metaverse in the style of a sandbox, in which participants can collaborate on the construction of NFT-based land and structures. Cooperation of this kind at such an early stage in the project's development should put the token in a position to gain a significant amount of value over the next several months. 

RobotEra has all the makings of a successful product, and the platform already boasts some solid foundations; this will be a year of significant presales for the company. It also claims to back from LBANK Labs, which hints at the momentum it might garner as its sale continues to advance further and when it obtains its first exchange listings.

RobotEra Preorder Begins

The RobotEra presale is available on their website, and anybody may take part by paying USDT or ETH. As the presale develops, the team is committed to making participation even more accessible by allowing investors to join using debit and credit cards via fiat onramp partners.

With the release of the alpha version scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2023, RobotEra is launching its presale with full force. Even though the auction began only yesterday, almost 300,000 TARO have already been sold at the current price of 0.020 USDT. At the subsequent level of the presale, the cost per TARO will increase to $0.025; by the final stage, the price will have increased to $0.032, representing a 60% increase over the first stage.

Investors may join in the presale by visiting the RobotEra website, connecting their Wallet Connect cryptocurrency wallet, and using either ETH or USDT to acquire TARO. Prospective buyers are urged to act quickly since the price of TARO will increase by 25% once the sale reaches its second phase.

The presale will be conducted in three stages, with each step selling 90 million TARO. Together, these three phases account for 15% of TARO's potential supply of 1.5 billion tokens, with the most significant portions reserved for its DAO-based treasury (33%) and play-to-earn player incentives (25%).

Metaverse Player-Driven

Regarding gameplay, RobotEra's Metaverse will position users as robots responsible for administering their NFT-based land and contributing to the building of RobotEra's virtual environment. The Sandbox-style game will also allow users to obtain materials from the game environment, make robot friends, engage in missions, and participate in events (e.g., virtual concerts).

According to RobotEra's plan, work on the Metaverse began earlier this year, with an alpha version of its Metaverse galaxy due by the end of Q1 2023. Around this time, further gameplay aspects and VR and AR-based elements will be released.

In preparation for this schedule, RobotEra's team anticipates its presale to finish before the New Year, about the same time it hopes to receive its first exchange listings for TARO. Given that it has already secured investment from LBANK Labs, it is likely that LBANK will be among the first exchanges to offer the currency.

In terms of how TARO works inside the RobotEra ecosystem, the project's whitepaper states that players will use the utility token to swap in-game assets and equipment and give prizes. Trading NFTs, staking, mining, participating in events, and maintaining virtual land are all methods for players to gain TARO.

While it is still very early in RobotEra's lifetime, these many features point to a potentially promising blockchain-based game universe. To date, some of the most critical projects in the bitcoin ecosystem have been Metaverse and game platforms (e.g., Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity), and it appears like RobotEra will follow suit.

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