The Witcher's Animator is Back With DRKVRS Metaverse Game

Farah Diana Patcha . August 23, 2022


Techspace - Have you ever heard of the video games “The Witcher” or “Cyberpunk 2077”?

These popular fantasy games were created by Marcin Kobylecki, a movie producer that debuted with “The Cathedral'' which is an animated movie that got nominated for an Oscar. And now, he will be back with his new hit, DRKVRS.

DRKVRS will be a metaverse game which gives thrilling dark fantasy for its users. Together with the DRKVRS creative development team, Kobylecki plans to establish the game under Aleph Zero. Aleph Zero itself is a proof-of-stake blockchain that was launched back in November last year. The native token in Aleph Zero is named as AZERO.

Cited from Decrypt, Kobylecki said that his experiences in computer animation and special effects of games give him a lot of help while developing the DRKVRS. 

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“The Witcher is a good example because it is a stylized game. So our universe, the DRKVRS, we created a stylized (game), and we tried to find a new look for these kinds of projects,” Kobylecki told decrypt about his vision towards the DRKVRS game.

As we all know, play-to-earn metaverse games are now a trend among crypto traders, especially because of its crypto and NFTs rewards that are beneficiary for the users. Thus, users would get both fun and rewards. Unfortunately, play-to-earn games are only popular within the crypto community, meanwhile the outsiders don't really have interest in it. 

However, DRKVRS is planned to give an extraordinary experience for its users. The DRKVRS developers said that changing the usual play-to-earn game perspective into something new is their aim to create this game. The project is made with the collaboration between the experts in blockchain technology. Big names like Łukasz Orbitowski and Jacek Dukaj are also involved in this project. This will be a sound, gloomy, and dark themed game that surely gives chilly vibes to the users. This concept would be interesting for the non-crypto users. 

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God's Blood Token Minting Process, Photo:

Antony Zolciak, the Co-Founder of Aleph Zero said that there will be two tokens that exist in DRKVRS, the first one is SPECK, a tradeable token; and God’s Blood, tokens for the game. Most of the blockchain-based transactions in the platform such as token transfers, voting, and NFT minting will be provided by Aleph Zero. He also mentions plans to establish a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for the platform in order to control the governance system and conduct the voting related to game developments. By creating DAO, the platform will give chances for users to explore their ideas. Besides, DAO is also a beneficiary for independent creators because of its rewarding system. 

DRKVRS will adopt the concept of the transhumanist dystopia in its game. First, DRKVRS will bring users into the bowels of Leviathan, an ancient cosmic beast. As for the map, users can explore the city of Babalon as the map of DRKVRS. This concept will manage users to interact with others, creating their journey in the story, and provides options for users to do their game. 

It also will have the same style as The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, because the developers use these games as references most of the time. Zolciak stated that with the same vibes, users will find the beauty out of the darkness within the game. 

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Although DRKVRS is now creating using the same concept as the prior games, Kobylecki said it is not the same game as the previous one, which is a straight fantasy and cyberpunk style game. DRKVRS will be a combination of those two concepts, also with the collaboration between Guillermo Del Toro and Kobylecki’s creatures. 

With these upcoming plans, Kobylecki shared that the time of DRKVRS will officially launch is still unknown because the game is still in the development process. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad idea to wait DRKVRS to go live in public and see what will going in the future. 


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