YouTube Participates in NFT!

Jihan Rienita . June 14, 2022

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"NFT" has become a hot topic in recent years because it can prove non-substitution to digital data such as digital art, videos, and images.

On January 25, 2022, it was announced that "YouTube," the largest video distribution service, will start using NFT.

This time, I would like to consider what information is currently known and what can be expected about such "YouTube NFT (tentative name)". So, here, we will introduce the latest information on "YouTube NFT" that is currently known based on various net news.

YouTube NFT content and updates

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1. A new source of income for video creators

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote in an annual letter for video creators on January 25th. "YouTube is focused on helping creators monetize through emerging technologies, including NFTs." She said that.

Until now, the main sources of income on YouTube have been mainly "video views", "super chat (throwing function) in live distribution", and "membership", but this income source is newly added to " It became clear that "NFT" will be added.

2. Shopping such as video Live Shopping

In addition, YouTube's chief product officer, Neal Mohan, said new features such as "Video Live Shopping," which allows you to shop, will increase your chances of shopping within the app.

3. NFTs have been presented to many big YouTubers

Toward the use of NFT on YouTube, NFT is presented to many big YouTubers. Even in Japan, NFT from YouTube is official to "HIKAKIN" who has more than 10 million subscribers and "Egashira 2:50" who is a laughing entertainer and has exceeded 1 million subscribers in 9 days from the opening of the channel. Art is presented.

4. Construction of metaverse (virtual space)

Neal Mohan also said "We are thinking of building a metaverse to make the YouTube experience more substantive."

The Metaverse is a so-called "virtual space", which refers to a multiplayer 3D virtual reality world built on the Internet. It's a good idea to have an image similar to the movie "Summer Wars".

Future consideration of YouTube NFT

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Here, based on the information gathered by the author, we would like to describe the future consideration of "YouTube NFT" and what we would like to expect.

1. Will limited videos be bought or sold?

First of all, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you say NFT. By converting the video to NFT, it is possible to give the video "rareness", so it is conceivable that "limited videos" that only the purchaser can see will be bought and sold.

In fact, as mentioned above, YouTube also introduces NFT for the purpose of supporting the monetization of creators, so it can be said that it is the most likely format.

2. Can you make your own video?

It's a little overwhelmed by buying and selling limited videos, but it's also considered a service where YouTuber can create special videos for viewers.

For example, it would be interesting if your favorite YouTuber celebrates your birthday or makes a video that meets the buyer's request.

3. Will YouTuber digital goods be sold?

Since YouTube is also considering building a metaverse, it is possible to purchase and collect YouTuber goods digitally.

4. Will a YouTuber Expo be held?

It would be interesting if an exposition was held to display items related to YouTuber through the Metaverse. It might be the appeal of Metaverse that you can enjoy those items in a realistic way.

5. Will the unauthorized reproduction of videos be reduced or alleviated?

By utilizing NFT, it is possible to clarify the original source of the video and prevent it from being reprinted without permission. Alternatively, it is possible that royalties will be set for the video and a usage fee will be charged for reprinting the video.

Expectations for the future of YouTube NFT

YouTube is the largest video distribution service, so I think there are people who aren't using it now. By introducing NFT to YouTube, it is thought that the awareness of NFT will increase and it will lead to future development.

Therefore, I would like to look forward to the future trends of YouTube NFT.

Preparing to start NFT trading

Normally, in order to start NFT transactions, you need a "virtual currency" that is the currency used for buying and selling and a "wallet" to store it.


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