Build Your Metaverse Land as a Content Creator

Jihan Rienita . June 15, 2022

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The metaverse is a digital betting that many companies participate in because it expects to revolutionize the now known internet. It is still under construction, but above all, you can start interacting as well as buying virtual land. Being a content creator is essential.

Meta is one of the leading companies to invest money and time in some of the most ambitious projects of the future. Users will prefer and use the metaverse to get the effort as expected, so here are some tips to take your first steps in this digital world provided.

Launching a brand on the metaverse requires the use of augmented reality (AR) tools. There is no need to be afraid of AR because AR is not as complex or difficult as it sounds.

Using AR effects and experiences is essential. The tools you need are provided here for free. This tool is part of Spark AR Studio and has come out the most.

As with art, AR has no limits, so mastering the basics will allow you to experience something else. As with photos and videos, lighting plays an important role in creating effects.

If you want to learn more about this, follow this link to learn how Meta's AR guru can adjust and manipulate lighting in creative ways. The project allows you to interact more with the public.

Finally, when you're done creating the effect, you can share it with your customers or followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. If in doubt about the steps to follow when posting to Spark AR Hub, visit this meta expert tutorial. It explains how to do it.

Horizon Worlds and Meta are testing new features to monetize the metaverse. This will allow users to buy and sell digital goods, services, experiences and more within the metaverse.

It's important to remember that Horizon World is the metaverse of the meta, the parent of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. It is currently available in the US and Canada and requires an Oculus Quest Virtual Reality (VR) headset to access this virtual world.

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As mentioned above, users must create an avatar to access the metaverse. In this digital space, people can meet their friends, attend concerts and attend exhibitions. Meta hopes that the new features will help users unlock new levels of creativity and provide new revenue-generating opportunities. “It will give you more freedom to find new business models that work for you.”

With these new tools, Meta gives people over the age of 18 living in Canada and the United States more options to make a living in the digital world. “Creators who sell items have a build mode where they can make purchasable items. You can see the commerce tab and gadgets when you are there.”

In addition to the integrated purchase, Meta has started testing a bonus program for creators of Horizon Worlds, available in the US, which will start in the form of a goal-oriented monthly program that is paid out at the end of the month.


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