[Concept] Introducing A-Z of STEPN, the First 'Move-to-Earn' Game

Farah Diana Patcha . June 29, 2022

TechSpace - STEPN is the first ‘Move-to-Earn’ mobile NFT game app, created by Find Satoshi Lab and assisted by Solana, as the winner of Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track. This app is the evolution between two concepts; the augmented reality (AR) game and play-to-earn gaming.

In their first quarter, the income of STEPN was around $26 million with 100,000 daily active users per March 2022. STEPN also collaborated with Alchemy Pay and Asics for the app development and activites.

The purpose of this app is to encourage people to start living a healthy lifestyle and supporting the carbon neutrality movement by entering the web 3.0. Since this is a GPS-based game, this game will track your movement and steps as the parameter of your rewards. You can earn tokens using STEPN by walking, jogging, or running outdoors while wearing an NFT sneakers. The more you move, the more you can earn. 

Is there any roadmap in STEPN?

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Which tokens will be used in STEPN?

There are three tokens you will use: SOL, a token by Solana;  Green Satoshi Token (GST), token by Find Satoshi Lab; and Green Metaverse Token (GMT) as the governance token. To start using STEPN, you should buy a pair of NFT sneakers in the app, beside your real sneakers that you will use while running.

Do not worry about the NFT sneakers, because you can resell them later to the market and upgrade to a better pair. You can buy sneakers using SOL, a token produced by Solana. Then the token reward you get will be in GST. The sneakers you wear will determine how much tokens you can earn while using the game. To get better earning, you can upgrade your sneakers level time by time. 

What are features available in sneakers?

There are five characteristics that your sneakers will have, the first one is Resilience. This characteristic affects your slowed down wear, tear, and diminishing returns. The second characteristic is Luck that plays a role to increase the chance of random prize during sessions. The next characteristic is Comfort, a characteristic that will help you to increase the earning of GMT, a token which relates to the governance. Efficiency characteristics in your sneakers will increase the amount of GST you earn by the ‘energy’ you spend. And the last characteristic is Energy, a unit that represents the time allocated for each move-to-earn session. In STEPN, a unit of energy is five minutes. Each player can charge their energy two times in a day (24 hours), which means that newbies can play only for ten minutes per day to earn GST. 

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What kind of modes does STEPN have?

STEPN has three games modes:

  1. Solo Mode: you can get their reward by moving, but the amount of rewards depends on their level of physical activity and the rarity of the sneakers they wear. 

  2. Marathon mode: This is the weekly or monthly event in the app, you can participate by registering 24 hours before the day of the marathon. 

  3. Background Mode: with this mode, you can get their reward without the app and repair cost, while saving at least one pair of sneakers in your inventory. If the background mode is activated, then STEPN will count your steps by tracking from your mobile device’s health data. All the steps achieved in the Background Mode also will not reduce the endurance of your sneakers. 

This app is suitable for you who are NFT lovers, wanting to have a healthy lifestyle, earning tokens and giving positive impacts to earth with just one deed. Let’s starts your first ‘move-to-earn’ with STEPN!


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