New NFTs Created Only Hours after The Queen Elizabeth II Death

Farah Diana Patcha . September 11, 2022


Techspace - Rest in Peace, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. The news has been spread, broadcasted over the world. Some people mourn, yet there are still some who are looking for opportunity within the sad news. Just after the Queen’s death, part of the NFT community created multiple NFTs that are dedicated to the Queen. Even though the aims of NFT are good, people are questioning their morality at this moment. RIP The Queen Official, Long LIve The Queen, King Charles, and a Queen Elizabeth Yacht Club collection are some digital collectible items found on NFT marketplace.

The NFT community in Twitter splits in two, the one that supports Queen NFT vs the one who opposes the Queen NFT collection. For instance, @ThreadGirl_eth tweeted, “FIrst one to drop a queen nft collection will make bags.” In contradiction, the other said that people should not create NFT based on the Queen’s death.

Only hours after the news spread, people started to create Queen’s NFT, even when the ‘God save the Queen’ hadn't been yelled at that time. Since the NFTs are made in a hurry, most of them aren’t in great shape. There are not many people who are interested in those collections, because they feel that creators can’t read the room at the moment. 

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One of the NFTs created attributing to the Queen is Queen Elizabeth Yacht Club. This free-to-mint NFT has caught many attention on Twitter, with its pixel-based NFT. 

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Queen Elizabeth Yacht Club is now announced for trading unlocked after mint-out, saying that this is the first Ethereum-based NFT to do that. 

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Although NFTs related to the Queen’s death are controversial, some of the NFTs set high records for sold and minted NFTs. The 3 NFTs related to the Queen sold over 30 minutes in OpenSea. The highest record set by ‘Long Live The Queen” getting 762 mints, following the RIP QUEEN ELIZABETH II with 347 mints, and lastly KIng Charles had 170 mints. Those NFTs charted in the top 5 @sensorbotNFT collection sales all time.

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The Queen’s NFT are made in various kinds of forms in a way to remember the Queen. Despite the fact that many people withstand those NFT projects, this could be a new way to remember climacteric events, as long as people don’t aim for big profit. 


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