Sorare NFTs Rise Following the Signing of PSG's Kylian Mbappé

Photo: Sorare

TechSpace - This week, Sorare, a fantasy soccer game based on Ethereum NFT, signed its first player ambassador, and since then, secondary sales of the game's NFT player cards have been on the rise. Kylian Mbappé, a forward for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. He was the star of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and has won the Ligue 1 championship five times. And the World Cup-winning French national team. Sorare unveiled Mbappe as an investor and worldwide Ambassador on Wednesday. As part of the agreement, Sorare has also committed to supporting Mbappé's charity, 'Inspired by KM.' Mbappé's organization, IBKM aka 'Inspired By KM,' educates and supports young people from disadvantaged circumstances in achieving their goals.

What's more, Sorare will also auction a unique Mbappé NFT for charity. This is Mbappé's initial action in the Web3 sphere. Mbappé follows one of Barcelona's central defenders, Gérard Piqué, who previously served as an investor and strategic adviser to Sorare.

Photo: Sorare

Founded in 2018, the NFT game Sorare, based on Ethereum, offers a fantasy-to-reality football experience. Sorare, which contains over 250 clubs, is the biggest football fantasy game in the world. The weekly lineups created using the NFTs can then be utilized to score points based on how well each player performs in the match. Sorare features many currently underway leagues where winners can receive NFT or ETH rewards.

According to data from CryptoSlam, trading in Sorare NFTs has significantly increased on the secondary market. Sorare reported NFT sales of approximately $6.6 million over the preceding 24 hours, an increase of 795 percent from the prior 24-hour period. This is more than twice as much trade volume as any other project that CryptoSlam monitors, surpassing second-place CryptoPunks by around $3.2 million. With $10.1 million over the past week, Sorare is second only to the Bored Ape Yacht Club's roughly $12 million. 

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Sorare CEO Nicolas Julia said, "[Kylian Mbappé] is a true football icon and will undeniably be one of the most important figures in world football for years to come. And like Sorare, he has limitless ambition, he's fast-moving on and off the pitch, he has a truly global reach, and he is committed to enacting positive change in the world. Kylian is becoming our exclusive, long-term ambassador and a Major Investor. Together, we'll bring Sorare to millions of fans. Kylian will accelerate our mission to unite sports fans across the globe around a player-owned gaming experience. Kylian is more than a football player," Nicolas further wrote. He's a global icon with solid values on and off the pitch. Together, we'll help underprivileged groups start their businesses and learn about web3."

A blockchain coin called an NFT can be used to demonstrate ownership of items like digital trading cards, original artwork, and collectibles. As NFTs began to reach mainstream customers, the sector grew to $25 billion in trading volume in 2021, with sports collectibles (like NBA Top Shot) among the most popular draws.

More About Sorare Future Plans

More than 2 million people use CryptoSlam, which claims secondary sales volume of more than $350 million. Sorare raised $680 million in a Series B funding round last September at a $4.3 billion value. Athletes like Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué and American tennis great Serena Williams are among the investors.

The debut of a fantasy basketball game in collaboration with Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association was announced by Sorare in May. Additionally, the league and its 30 clubs will be the only subjects of the game. Sorare's attempt to create a larger footprint in the United States might be considered a more significant push.


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