Starbucks Launches NFT Rewards This September

Farah Diana Patcha . September 13, 2022


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Starbucks just announced a new plan related to Web 3.0 named “Starbucks Odyssey Program”, giving rewards to the customers by NFTs from the Polygon blockchain, an Ethereum scaling network. The NFT rewards soon can be used to access any special events or merchandise by the merchant.

Starbucks Odyssey Program that will likely launch this year is a rewards system that gives NFT rewards for both employees and customers, limited within the US branches. The NFT, a digital stamp, can be used to buy any limited edition item from Starbucks, as well as trade it into the other NFT. The digital stamps they get can be minted into NFT or a blockchain token, giving an ownership for the artworks or digital collectible holders.

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How to get Digital Stamps?

This program is an extension of Starbucks' rewards program. With the Starbucks Odyssey Program, the brand hopes that customers and employees will get great experiences by collecting the “journey stamps” NFTs as the rewards. Those journey stamps can be obtained through the challenges or complete the game missions in the Starbucks’ app.

Besides, Starbucks will also release the limited edition of those NFTs stamps. These limited edition stamps can be purchased through the brand’s web app that will be created soon, or NFT marketplaces provided that support the brand. People can buy the limited edition NFTs using credit cards. As for the cryptocurrency, the brand said that it won’t be required to claim an ownership stake in their loyalty to Starbucks. In addition, these NFTs can be traded or sell whatever they want.

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Digital Stamps’ benefit

Those who collect these stamps will receive other rewards from the brand. Their NFTs collection will boost their level in the Odyssey’s platform. When they reach a certain level, they can obtain the bonuses or vouchers given by Starbucks, such as virtual drinks, exclusive merchandise, private event passes, or even get a trip to Starbucks’ Costa Rican coffee farm. Furthermore, the benefit of NFTs’ sales will be donated to the confidential causes. 

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Partnered with Nifty Gateway

To launch Starbucks Odyssey and its NFTs series, Starbucks has partnered with Nifty Gateway, a NFT platform in Web 3.0. Nifty Gateway itself works with the big names artists related to their NFTs, such as The Weeknd and Beeple. Prior to this partnership, Nifty Gateway has recently launched a new feature called Publishers initiative. This feature allows brands and creators to expand their NFTs with Nifty Gateway tech.

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Eco-friendly NFT under Polygon

Polygon as the main blockchain used to build Starbucks Odyssey is a sidechain, scaling network of Ethereum. This blockchain is known for its faster, cheaper, and the most important one is its cost less of gas fees to proceed the transaction, unlike the other blockchain. Polygon has worked with Coca-Cola and Reddit to launch their NFTs. 

Starbucks' choice to work with Polygon is a right decision, especially if we remember how Starbucks’ employees protested when the brand decided to launch NFT, because they know that some NFTs platform brings bad impact to the environment. 


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