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TechSpace - San Francisco-based startup Audius is providing a decentralized blockchain-powered digital streaming network. The service has more than 6 million unique users since it launched the mainnet in 2020. The platform also intends to give artists back control over music distribution and revenue, resolving long-standing concerns about how they are paid on competing for music streaming services.

Audius isn't aiming to earn a typical profit like other music streaming businesses like Spotify. Instead, an open-source community of artists, fans, and developers receives the AUDIO token as payment for participation to make money as the token's value rises with the service's expansion. Nas and Katy Perry are two recent investors who took part in a $5 million financing round.

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On iOS and Android devices, Audius is accessible at no cost as a web app. It takes only a few minutes to sign up for the service; enter your email address and pick a password. Anyone who has used a music streaming service before will feel right at home; however, if you're used to the pages and pages of carefully curated playlists provided by incumbent services, things can feel a little "empty."

The previous playlists are one item worth checking out and can be reached by selecting the Explore option. It's helpful to observe what fresh content is trending in the Trending area. Of course, how much you appreciate the suggested material will depend on your preferences but perusing the most well-liked playlists is an excellent way to get a feel for the terrain. The opportunity to download music as free mp3s is another feature that Audius provides. To start, you only need to click the "Download" button on a song's website.

Audius UX's

Audius offers a simple, minimalist look that contrasts with other music streaming services like Spotify, which have grown cluttered and harder to navigate over the years. Audius's mobile app and browser both have a simple, clean interface that is simple to use.

Audius Subscription and Pricing

Audius is now free, enabling users to enjoy premium 320kbps broadcasts without spending a dime. Of course, this means that artists cannot currently profit from it, but this is expected to change. The business intends to give artists the option of not making users periodically listen to advertising or pay a small monthly subscription fee.

The Music Library

Compared to paid streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, Audius is more similar to the free music discovery platforms Soundcloud and Tidal. You may whet your appetite by listening to thousands of tunes from up-and-coming and unsigned musicians if you approach it the way it's designed. However, Audius' collection of well-known artists is, well, limited. The fact that musicians like Deadmau5 and Skrillex have embraced the platform has drawn a lot of attention, but don't expect to find their whole discographies on Audius; they have only uploaded nine tracks, respectively.

If you're lucky, you might come across unofficial fan uploads. Perhaps all of that looks pretty "gloomy," but hold on a second. It's best to avoid thinking of Audius as a direct substitute for Spotify because Spotify and other mass-produced rival services already exist. When so many different options are available that include all the known artists you could ever need, there is no purpose in trying to utilize Audius as a direct replacement. Of course, you have nothing to lose because Audius is free.

Audio Quality of Audius

The Audius app has remarkable sound quality, offering streaming at 320kbps, the highest sound quality currently provided by any free music platform. Higher 24bit streams are available from paid services like Tidal HiFi and Amazon Music HD. Still, unless you're an audiophile seeking to get the most out of your carefully chosen listening system, Audius' streaming quality won't leave you wanting.

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The Other "AUDIO" at Audius

Photo: Audius

A network security token based on Ethereum is called $AUDIO (node operators stake tokens to run a node, earning rewards in the process). Additionally, it offers artists who choose to stake the additional coin advantages, such as the ability to display NFT items on the site. Users can win tokens by completing specific tasks, such as creating popular weekly playlists or posting the most popular material during a particular week. Artists may also be rewarded based on the quantity of listens and the amount of social interaction. The network distributed 50 million AUDIO tokens to 10,000 artists and users last year.


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