Discord Decides To Take Over The Popular App Among Teenager: Gas

Putri Alivia Rifaih . January 19, 2023

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Techspace - Discord, a chat app, recently disclosed that it has purchased Gas, a popular app among teenagers for its cheerful take on social networking.

High school students have swiftly grown to love gas, the poll-based software, which enables friends to compliment one another. The app is made for anonymous compliments and affirmations—or, as the saying goes among children, "gassing your buddies up."

Users of Gas register with their school, add friends, and respond to surveys about their peers. The poll questions, however, are meant to increase users' confidence rather than damage it. Teenagers may be asked to select one of four peers as the greatest DJ or smiler. The chosen individual will then get an anonymous message with a compliment from an ambiguous "guy in 10th grade" or "female in 11th grade" sender.

Users may vote for the student who isn't scared to get in trouble or the most attractive person they've ever met in polls on Gas. Since its inception in August, its popularity among high school students has risen.

Gas was developed by one of the co-creators of TBH, Nikita Bier, a very similar adolescent app that Facebook purchased and shut down, and it has attracted more than 1 million daily active users.

​​Gas also has the foundation for a non-ad-funded monetization system in place, allowing users to pay $7 per week for "God Mode," which provides them with extra features and hints about who voted for them in polls.

In order to grow beyond its gaming roots, Discord has been exploring new avenues and experimenting with novel features like voice channels. With almost every NFT project relying on Discord to foster community, the app did receive a lot more attention during the NFT boom. 

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But now that the NFT excitement has subsided, Discord is looking for new chances as it tries to establish itself as a more significant player in the social media scene.

In an official blog post announcing the purchase of Gas, Discord writes, "Gas' founders have a proven track record of building engaging products and experiences, and we're delighted to partner with their team to take things to the next level." 

The Gas team will join Discord to support our efforts to continue to develop across new and core audiences, and Gas will continue to exist as a standalone app for the time being.

Gas has had a bumpy departure, despite its rapid rise to popularity. Even though the widespread sex trafficking myth was untrue, it had an effect on the app's download numbers. 

As a result of this fraud, Bier informed the Washington Post that he and his crew got hundreds of violent death threats. IRL and WalkSafe, two other popular social media applications, have also been accused of human trafficking without evidence.

One of the anonymous applications that have gained popularity recently is Gas. Others are based on praise, while others are not. But researchers discovered that applications like NGL and Sendit were utilizing bots to pretend to be engaged. These applications let users pay to see who asked inquiries in a similar way to Gas.

When it was discovered that these inquiries hadn't truly come from their friends, some consumers understandably felt deceived. In the meantime, 9count, the business behind Spark and Summer, is developing a product called nocapp that is comparable to Gas.

Discord recently stated that it will incorporate a number of applications into its servers, despite the fact that it would continue to operate Gas as a standalone product for the time being. Therefore, it's feasible that these favorable community surveys may eventually appear on the messaging platform.

The release from Discord stated, "We're thrilled to welcome Gas to the Discord community as our next step to achieve that goal. We're always trying to build an inclusive environment where no one feels like an outcast.

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