Netflix App for iPhone Just Got A New Interface

Delfrina Yasmine . January 19, 2023

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Techspace - A streaming service may differentiate itself from its rivals in more ways than one, including but not limited to the quality of its material. Enhancing the overall satisfaction of a product's end users is, and will continue to be, an essential component in cutting customer turnover. The latest version of the Netflix app for the iPhone, which received new upgrades on Monday, features a redesigned user experience that includes a new billboard layout, new card transitions, new animation for both the launch page and the profile screen, improved haptics, and more.

"We just redesigned the Netflix iOS app with improved aesthetics, more responsive interactions, and motion design. "This newest worldwide update includes features such as a new design for advertising what to watch, themed backdrop on your favorite episodes and movies, new profile animations, and more," a Netflix spokeswoman stated.

According to Janum Trivedi, a former user interface designer at Netflix who worked on the new interface for the Netflix app, the project began development in 2022. "I've been spearheading an effort to update the user interface of Netflix to make it seem more fluid, enjoyable, and refined. "Today, all of that work was shipped," stated Trivedi on Twitter.

Users of the iPhone will notice that most of the screen is taken up by many cards depicting a movie or television series when they launch the Netflix app. The design of this billboard was created to advertise a book that was recommended for viewing on a service that streams media online. The fact that the card now takes advantage of the parallax effect, which is when the wallpaper moves or shifts somewhat when a user of an iPhone tilts the device back and forth, is one of the noteworthy things about the update. A colored border now surrounds the title cards, which matches the primary color used in the movie or TV show's artwork.

It seems as though the "Info" tab at the bottom of the card has been gone. Users may avoid this by simply clicking on the card, which will take them to a different website with further information on the program or movie.

Previously, the transition between cards on the app was less seamless than it is now. When a title was clicked, the information section would slide up automatically. During the transition to the new card, the card expands in size, and the information becomes viewable in full-screen mode.

The animation that can be seen on the profile screen is yet another exciting new feature. When a user switches profiles in the new app, rather than the traditional side-sliding action that occurred in the older app, users will see the profile icon grow large as it jumps to the center of the page, then shrink to its standard size and bounce to the top-right corner of the page. This action replaced the side-sliding activity when users switched profiles in the older app.

It's possible that those who already have a subscription to Netflix would love the updated iPhone app because it makes navigating more enjoyable and engaging.

Apple TV Doesn't Support Netflix's ad-based Plan

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Netflix launched a new plan supported by advertisements throughout the previous year to increase the number of users who subscribe to the service. This plan is priced lower than the other available options. However, the business then disclosed that customers who use Apple TV would only be allowed to subscribe to the new plan if it is less expensive. The circumstance has not changed, which is quite unfortunate.

The firm has never explained why the new plan supported by advertisements is not accessible through the Netflix app for Apple TV. Apple TV customers may be required to subscribe to one of Netflix's more costly plans if they wish to continue watching the streaming service on their device in light of the present scenario, in which the company is considering terminating its Basic plan without advertisements. It is important to note that the advertisement-supported Basic program offered by Netflix is presently accessible in the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea.

Netflix’s New Policy: Password Sharing is Forbidden

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