5 Best Web3 Music Streaming Services in 2022

Ulung Suseno . September 28, 2022

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Techspace - NFTs have so many impacts on the music industry nowadays. They have plenty of NFT music marketplace and Web3 music streaming services that help artists sell their music in the form of NFTs. Those music platforms allow the fans to stream their favorite NFT music. Web3 music streaming services are innovative for musicians in making and selling NFT music. For those who might want to create, sell, buy, or stream NFT music, we have some Web3 music streaming services recommendations below.

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Audius is a blockchain-based and decentralized music streaming service with social media features. Audius was founded in 2018. It's owned and run by an open-source community of artists, fans, and developers and has its crypto token, and it’s called AUDIO. Audius aims to give artists more power over the monetization of their music and enable them to connect directly with fans. Technically speaking, it's a blockchain system that allows creators to create time-stamped, immutable copies of their artistic output that are protected by a decentralized network of node operators. Due to its blockchain foundation, which affects how the entire system functions, Audius stands out from other music streaming services. Users can download and listen to artists' recordings for free, and everyone makes (crypto) money. One distinctive element also supported by blockchain is the notion of co-governing a music streaming business.


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Sound.XYZ is one of the best music platforms you could find if you are looking for NFT music. Sound.XYZ powers the next generation of artists and their community's suite of Web3-native music and economic tools, starting with listening events for new releases. Sound.XYZ supports musicians in monetizing their work and improves the connection between listeners and the music they love. Additionally, joining Sound transforms you from a mere user into a partner in the platform's success and contributor. 


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There are so many incredible artists/musicians that use Emanate. Emanate is optimistic about the future because of these forward-thinking, passionate producers. They firmly believe in the enormous prospects made possible by Web3 music streaming and music NFTs. There is something in the air right now that suggests a wave is ready to break; it's a fascinating time to be a musician.

The leading edge of this wave is Pro-Connect users of Emanate. They are learning new things, exchanging concepts, supporting one another, and challenging themselves to become better with the assistance of other members of the Pro-Connect community.


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BitSong is a Web3 music streaming service dedicated to artists, fans, and advertisers. Its payment model is based on ads. Artists upload songs, and the platform attaches ads to them. Every time a fan listens to music and ads, they (both fans and artists) earn up to 90% of the revenue invested by the advertiser.

Additionally, fans can purchase songs with BitSong's native currency, $BTSG, and donate money to their preferred independent musician. According to the platform, its main goal is to streamline the administrative process as much as possible to provide consumers with a new method to listen to music and be compensated, as well as artists with a meritocratic, transparent, quick, and intermediary-free revenue model.


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Tamago is a Web3 music streaming service that bills itself as "Bittorrent meets Soundcloud for the next generation of artistic accountability." By combining NFT and Web3 technology, it seeks to create a direct-to-artist revenue channel. The Web3 music streaming service gives fans and artists control over the selection process. As a result, it promotes fan-driven playlists, ad-free experiences, peer-to-peer interaction, and artist-focused liquidity pools. This mindset prevents the inclusion of editorial playlists in Web2 streaming services. According to the platform, “artists (will) always retain ownership of their music, and users retain their data and privacy.”

The Web3 music streaming services above are the most common for artists/musicians and fans who are into NFT music. If you are an artist/musician or a fan, now you know the best music platforms you can use to sell/upload or stream/download NFT music.

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