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Jihan Rienita . June 10, 2022


TechSpace - In this post we will tell you why Discord is the favorite collaboration of the messaging network of the metaverses and the crypto community. Discord is a messaging application that allows you to broadcast audio and video to large communities and can be used on computers and smartphones. Discord makes it easy to organize communities in a very specific way, to have access to different spaces and resources within your servers.

Basically, Discord is like a Telegram, but where each server can be customized to grant individual spaces and permissions to each of the users of this service, something that most messaging applications do not have. Servers are free places where people get together to chat or use voice channels to talk to each other.

Discord, for metaverses and the crypto community

The application was initially designed, in 2015, as a meeting place for PC gamers, a place where they could organize their games and chat while they played. Over time, other communities have been moving to this application, due to its great abilities to organize and establish relationships. In fact, the app makes chatting quite easy and offers search features that can help you find other people and add them to a friends list, for quick communication. Hence, it is widely used as an organizational and social tool.


Perhaps the first and biggest difference between Discord and other platforms is its wide range of chat options. You can chat using text, voice or video calls without problems, with all the people who are on the server. You can also create spaces to make group video calls, share screens and carry out any informative activity with the same application. All of these features make communication on Discord very efficient.

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Building great communities

Discord allows you to create huge communities. For example, the server of the popular blockchain game, Axie usually has more than 20 thousand users connected continuously. All of them talking and sharing their experiences in the different channels enabled on this server. This versatility is what has led large groups of users to adopt Discord for their communities.

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Perhaps the biggest difference between Discord and other apps is its extensibility and configuration. For example, if you need help moderating a group, you can create a bot, connect it and it will make sure that the group's rules are always followed. Are you planning a game meetup to cheer up your community? You can create a reminder bot with the ability to award prizes to those who participate in the event. Do you need private spaces where certain people can only chat? You can create channels, each with their permissions, and assign access levels to server users. Nobody will be able to enter where they do not have permissions and you will be able to create spaces for everyone. This ability makes Discord unique, which is why the crypto community chooses this app to organize.

Organization of communities, the main role of Discord in the crypto world

Initially, crypto communities used emails or the popular Bitcoin Talk internet forum (created by Satoshi Nakamoto himself and still active), to organize community efforts. However, with the arrival of Telegram and Discord, this space has been relegated to more technical conversations, while the community lives in the aforementioned applications. Above all, because of the levels of interactivity they offer.

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Nowadays, all the big projects in the crypto world have an active Discord server for their communities. The activity in them is immense, which keeps the community united around all those projects. In addition to Axie Infinity, Uniswap, PanckaSwap, Bit2Me, Bored Ape Yacht Club or MetaLaw also use Discord to bring their community together

Discord's role in the metaverses

Discord also plays a pivotal role in the metaverses. Decentraland, for example, has one of the largest metaversian communities on this app, which can be accessed via this link. Currently, there are over 300 metaverse-themed servers. On these servers, communities talk and create content of all kinds around these virtual worlds. Thus, the collective intelligence that inhabits Discord becomes a fundamental tool to help shape a technology in full development. In short, the role of this messaging service in the metaverse is to serve as a communication bridge between communities and metaverse builders. Sometimes members of the community become developers and architects of the metaverses.

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The favorite social network for the crypto community?

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Discord has become one of the fastest growing social media and messaging apps in the crypto world. In fact, we can say that it surpasses Telegram, where many projects come to life, but that it is more limited in terms of interaction capacity. The reason is that Discord was created from the beginning to be a community organizing space and the entire crypto industry is community based. In Discord you can organize, from the development of a project, to discussions and their evolution. Teaching and governance also have a place in Discord.

Accessing this application is very simple. You just have to go to its website, download its application available for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) as well as for Android or iOS, create your account and you can start using it. If you want to know or search for servers that may be of interest to you, Disboard is an excellent tool to start with. It will surely lead you to excellent communities.


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