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Jihan Rienita . June 08, 2022

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In the beginning, the metaverse was created. And, in the words of Douglas Adams, "This made a lot of people very angry and was widely considered bad behavior." In fact, the metaverse is neither good nor evil, and has been imagined as an extreme place since its creation. It's one of those dystopian cyber-surveillance nations leaning towards a utopian cornucopia or system full of creative expression and indescribable wealth. 

As you begin to dig deeper, it becomes clear that most of the people making these claims have never actually been to the metaverse. Go for it yourself and you'll find the answer lies somewhere in the middle. 

What Exactly Is A Metaverse?

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TechSpace - Simply put, the metaverse is a lot of digital material running parallel to our physical life. A metaverse is essentially a collection of virtual worlds where users can meet, play games, chat, and buy things. Mark Zuckerberg made the term popular when he recently changed the company name from Facebook to Meta. At the same time, he came up with a new vision for a metaverse that could dive into virtual video calls.

This universe was accessed via virtual reality goggles, but today some 'Metaverses' already exist in video games like Roblox, Minecraft or Fortnite. Metaverse can also be used in augmented reality spaces where objects from the virtual world are projected onto the real world through a screen. In short, the metaverse is a virtual space where we coexist free from the constraints of reality. Adventure into the world of Donato, where you can create games and share them with others. But elsewhere in the metaverse's consensus hallucinations are companies that offer social networking, education, and commerce. And that won't be all you can do there. 

The real attraction is something else you don't expect. This guide recognizes that these wacky descriptions aren't quite as sexy as 'the future of the internet' or 'a sandbox to explore the human imagination'. It is not close to 'freeing people from geographic and economic limitations'. But for now it is. And in fact, what it is. And until technology catches up with the hype, how will that be? Because as you venture into the metaverse, you'll find that there really isn't anything there.

Where did the metaverse idea come from?

The metaverse's Ground Zero is difficult to pinpoint exactly. Some say it dates back to the 1851 London World's Fair. At that time the future of the world was in the Crystal Palace in the heart of London. Inside, Victorian people could marvel at the first fax machines, submarines and mechanical birds. In a sense, it could be said that it was a metaverse full of wonder and united by the latest technology.


Others say the metaverse is based on the annual arts festival in Black Rock, Nevada, better known as Burning Man. This is Silicon Valley's metaverse mental model. When you create something out of nothing, bond with strangers in a desolate desert, destroy everything, and your body painting is erased.

Anyway, whatever the origin, all metaverses exist to eliminate friction in reality, and getting used to virtual meetings such as Zoom (remote conference solution) for two years due to Corona 19 may be the first step towards metaverse.

Who controls the laws of the metaverse?

The metaverse has rules. Each jurisdiction has its own rights, which may sometimes apply. Some of these are posted in endless terms of service that you must agree to before entering, but many are not. It is the responsibility of Metaverse residents to learn and obey each neighborhood's rules.

The majority of the metaverse operates on the general principle of politeness. As Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life, explains, “The idea is to have a good life with a group of people while making the experience as real as possible.”

However, sometimes when someone in the metaverse does something too bad, they will be asked to take corrective action from others. And that's when computer users decide they need someone to rule the world. It has, after all, been occupied historically, not by politicians or social scientists, but by those who own the technology.

What you need to know!

- Common currencies: Some cryptocurrencies, but most are unique to a specific region. If you want to change your V-Bucks into Robux for a piece of platinum for Linden dollars, there are money changers.

- Language used: A little bit of everything, but we have to translate because the technology to do it hasn't been invented yet.

- Technical specifications: Smartphones provide access to basic metaverse experiences and are required for some specific activities, such as augmented reality.

- Connection time: Always available.

- Business hours: Open all the time.

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What Type of Metaverse Is Currently Being Serviced?



A game world where creators can create and share projects. It's part of a new wave of metaverse technology, but has been around for nearly 20 years.



It's a huge social media site that connects directly with the offline world and has an impact and a growing tendril of fantasy. Meta owns a raft of metaverse technology and one of the most established virtual reality headsets people use to access.


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A vast game and simulation world dominated by children and teenagers who build everything with Lego-like building blocks. He is also a long-term player in this field.


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A 3D virtual sandbox where you can create anything you want, go to concerts, visit the library, and even attend the virtual summer holidays. A poster child of the previous metaverse wave with over 15 million accounts. “The original premise I liked about Second Life was that it was a big, messy interaction between people,” says founder Philip Rosedale.

Your Avatar in The Metaverse

When entering the metaverse, the most important thing is your identity. As we move from neighborhood to neighborhood, we plan to make this one a continuum of selves, so careful consideration is required. At a minimum, your identity will be your profile picture.

In most cases, it will be an avatar, a 3D representation when implemented online. Whatever the situation, it's worth taking the time to invest. However, some internet dwellers think that being in the metaverse is a waste of transistors. Why would it be Aleks Krotoski if it could be ZaphodBeeblebrox42?

In other words, connecting who you are to your metaverse persona can be inexperienced. You've already learned from social media that past reckless behavior can haunt you. So, if you're planning on self-discovery on the outside, you may want to put in your pocket another little identity that you can wear in crazy times. You can carry your gear and technology in virtual areas and apps, like some sort of passport control. But keep in mind that it's much easier for companies building metaverses with a single identity to track you. After all, these are the people of the land you are treading on.

What you can do in Metaverse

There are no landscapes in the metaverse. There is no ecology. But those panoramas are some of the most beautiful in the world. You can enter anywhere there is a rabbit hole from the outside. You may receive a teleconference link. You can log in to the gaming platform. You can put on your VR headset and press 'On'. All you need is a screen.

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But when you go in, you will see that the place is really empty. The problem is figuring out where to go. Do you want to work and learn? To go to a show? How to immerse yourself in the synthesized experience of hallucinations in a person with schizophrenia? Or will it just fly?

If you find yourself paralyzed by possibility, you are not alone. Metaverse does not have a search engine that tells you where to go. What you need is endless curiosity and time to wander around the neighborhood to find it by chance.

Metaverse at work

The earliest signs that something was going meta was around 2021 when Facebook announced Horizon Workrooms when everyone was having Zoom issues. Jobs are a way people are likely to fall into the metaverse. Because it has to be. All the technologies we use to get things done now have existed before, but no ultimatum forced us to use them before the pandemic made them essential.

This kind of work 'solution' requires the purchase of a VR headset and avatar. It's a process you think seeing your co-workers' cartoonish faces will increase your productivity. Great idea. In the metaverse, people need to feel like they are somewhere. When it comes to work, decades of research have shown that telepresence is superior to voice-only in the absence of physical presence. So there are walls and conference tables and nice designer chairs. So far, this kind of virtual implementation office has yet to catch up because it's dumber than clicking a Zoom link.

Sex, fashion and other subcultures

The first industry to colonize new technology was pornography. The sex industry is progressive and always offers out-of-the-box solutions. In general, the industry is driven by the new shiny technology because it is regulated from the old one. So, the metaverse has been a space for sexual self-expression from the beginning. 

When it was a niche hobby, metaverse folks enjoyed all kinds of fun almost for free. Technicians creating metaverses now have to consider what works for a much broader demographic and what doesn't. After all, the metaverse is a place everyone wants to go, and it should be a place that anyone can go to. Companies usually use machine algorithms to find inappropriate words or clothes, so if you're worried about your virtual pants going down, it's a good idea to use passwords for private spaces.

Earn Money on Metaverse

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People are interested in metaverses not just because they hang out with avatars at work or play. Perhaps because the opportunity to make money in this digital world is waiting for you.

We can occupy virtual land in the metaverse. This is the traditional way for all new digital services. We saw this when people bought website domains during the dot-com boom and now people are buying processing cycles of computer servers stored in huge warehouses. In early 2022, one patch sold for over $2 million.

It can pay off. A land speculator from Second Life bought a parcel and sold it to the highest bidder, becoming a millionaire. And that's exactly what these speculators expect.

Another popular speculative market is personalization. Pimping your neighbor or your avatar. You might have digital art like clothing, poses, park benches, animations, and a very popular subcategory called NFT.

Most of the time, it takes advantage of the vanity of the user. The amount you should be willing to spend on these items should be commensurate with how much you care about what other people think of you. 

What's in the pipeline?

Much of what we imagine the current metaverse will be is based on what has been in the past, so if you've been online before, you'll get the general gist. However, some important changes have been made that will have a major impact on what lies ahead.

First, more and more people will participate online. The metaverse has been a niche destination primarily determined by access and interest. Portals are now everywhere. We've been living with social media for over 10 years and people are familiar with the concept of virtual living.

Second, what used to destroy metaverse dreams in the past has developed into a feasible technology today.  More people can gather in one virtual space for one virtual performance. Phones have enough power to do amazing things.

Third, cryptocurrencies still remain uncertain, but enough to set expectations for how the metaverse will be built and owned.

The basis of all of this is the fact that technology facilitates purely human interaction. Much has been written about how the metaverse will make the world a better place, but it really isn't. That would be the total number of people going online. The day the metaverse will become ourselves may not be too far away! 

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