MetaSolare: The New Normal of Games, Anime, and Music

Fathimah Zahra . September 20, 2022

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Techspace - Imagine being able to play while developing your video games, anime, and music with your favorite artists! With MetaSolare being the first startup to introduce blockchain technology into the realms of games, anime, and music, your experience is upgraded to the new standard. 


MetaSolare, established on March 16, 2022, offers people the opportunity to become creators in these three entertainment areas and serves as a platform for financial investments. GamesFi, AnimeFi, and MusicFi are the three things you may create with Metasolare, according to their official website, 


GamesFi (Games Finance)

Blockchain games often exclusively emphasize gaming for financial gain. However, users of GamesFi can co-create their games in MetaSolare, making the practice of playing video games for money obsolete.


A total of 16 blockchain experts worldwide make up the engineering team. Since the beginning of the 2010s, they have worked on many blockchain projects, including developing products and establishing exchanges. They will be in charge of developing the primary blockchain, wallet, marketplace, and other associated infrastructure. They have recently concentrated on NFT-related goods. 


MetaSolare is creating Metaverse Legends, their first GamesFi, which will eventually be available for iOS, Android, and PC. Eighty experienced engineers, designers, and other experts create the games created on MetaSolare. 


They have expertise in creating games for consoles, computers, and smartphones, among other platforms. Final Fantasy, Front Mission, Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Quest, and numerous other video games serve as examples.

AnimeFi (Anime Finance)

Combining NFTs, tokens, and technology may enable anime fans to collaborate with anime creators in the creation of animation. This allows fans of anime to produce their anime on AnimeFi. Owning your own story and telling it to the world is lovely. 


MusicFi (Music Finance)

Additionally, through MusicFi, fans, as well as artists, will contribute to the growth of the music industry. Both parties can be directly involved in the creative process and form a new community through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). For those with a MetaSolare token and NFT, these are possible. 


Steve Aoki and Masato Matsuura are the company's co-founders and six other professionals. As the founder and CEO of Avex, Inc., one of Japan's top music and entertainment corporations, each is well known as a successful cross-genre artist.


The other six founders are Kentaro Beppu (CEO, co-founder), Asahi Iwanaga (COO), Tsubasa Murakami (CLO, co-founder), Seihaku Yoshida (co-founder), Robert Tran (co-founder), and Takashi Hatanaka. (co-founder).


This website was created by the innovative design team of MetaSolare and features a lot of purple and blue gradients. It comprises a new generation of artists and creators who work together to offer a one-stop creative shop for everything from website design to user experience (UX) design in music, animation, games, and XR. 


In addition to three products, MetaSolare provides a service. First, the MetaSolare network is a specially designed sidechain based on Ethereum tailored for the content produced within MetaSolare. High-speed transactions, high scalability, high levels of security, and no gas fees are all features of this user-first network. 


Second is the MetaSolare wallet serves as a wallet, media player, and travel document for the MetaSolare universe. The MetaSolare wallet is available as a smartphone app and browser extension. 

Picture: MetaSolare

The third is the MetaSolare market, an NFT marketplace that serves as the backbone of the MetaSolare economy. The user would feel secure when purchasing premium NTFs from the source or from other users. MSL, the currency in use in MetaSolare, connects the economies of everything there, including music, anime, and video games.

Although this project is still developing, this is excellent news for those who want to create their piece of work and those who only want to enjoy the creative work. Both are welcomed to MetaSolare. All you need is a lot of MSL if you want to create three arts at a time.


So, are you ready to migrate to the new normal?

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