Worth the Investment: the Blockchain Game Recommendations for you

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Techspace - Blockchain games are games with or without play to get mechanics that use blockchain technology. The blockchain gaming trend was started by CryptoKitties in 2017 and expanded by those who built the metaverse platform and reached a multi-billion dollar market cap. In this article, we'll share recommendations for the best performing blockchain games according to DappRadar, based on the number of unique active wallet addresses (UAW) in the past month.

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Best Blockchain Games to Invest

For people who are more interested in investing, here are some recommendations for new and upcoming crypto games, as well as some of the best blockchain games:


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Silks became the number 1 sports NFT on the Ethereum blockchain in OpenSea and is ranked in the top 50 on the leading NFT market analysis site Nansen and is backed by top investment companies. Silks are the first horse racing NFT project of its kind. The game is interesting because it has crosses that are in real life. When digital horses win races in real life, players will get crypto prizes in their real currency. Silks also partner with Circle 8 Ranch, a native breed horse training facility. Horse racing is doing well in all conditions, even during the adverse macroeconomics of 2022. Silks also raised $2 million in seed funding from crypto VCs to bring the metaverse horse racing experience to the masses.


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Tamadoge is a metaverse game with augmented reality (AR) in which players raise their pets, namely NFT, from doge memes. Before that, players will take shape on NFT games where they will battle after being minted, trained, and fed to win prizes in the form of Tamadoge tokens (TAMA). Tamadoge's tagline is to be a 'game to earn Dogecoin.' TAMA is currently in the beta sale and is becoming one of the most promising crypto presales in 2022. Tamadoge is ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to ETH, early investors can buy TAMA with Tether or fiat currency using a bank card on the project website tamadoge.io. The Tamadoge presale has now raised around $1 million. A solid early investor interest could propel this project into one of the best blockchain games of 2023.

Battle Infinity

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Battle Infinity is an upcoming fantasy sport-themed blockchain game. The original IBAT token is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Battle Infinity has gone on sale early and will be available on crypto exchanges. IBAT is an NFT-based metaverse game to earn reward tokens. Players can create their own sports team and compete with other teams in matches for IBAT to win. This new crypto project has been verified by CoinSniper KYC and completed a Solid Proof audit.

Lucky Block

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Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform with the ticker symbol LBLOCK. In May 2022, Lucky Block awarded a $2 million prize to holders of one of the NFT Platinum Rollers Club collections and their jackpot lottery entrants. This prize draw is a decentralized prize pool with more transparent and better winning odds for players than traditional games of the same format. The Lucky Blocks V1 token runs on the Binance Smart chain, and its V2 token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Neopets Meta

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Running on the Solana blockchain, Neopets Meta is a game for generating virtual pets and their care and fighting in the Battledome. This blockchain game is based on the classic browser game Neopets.com which has over 150 million players. Neopets.com was introduced to blockchain gaming when Neopets Meta was under development in 2021.

Axie Infinity

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Even though Ronin was hacked and AXS's original cryptocurrency was down by more than 90%, Axie Infinity still controls more than half of Axie Infinity and is one of the first and best to get games crypto. Players around the world flock to Axie Infinity to play and earn AXS. Axie Infinity (AXS) made one of the most explosive gains in history, from $0.10 on Binance to $166.

Alien Worlds

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Connected to the WAX ​​and Ethereum blockchains, Alien Worlds is an innovative metaverse project where players are given tokens, including all in-game assets. Alien Worlds' player base is slightly lower than Axie Infinity's, and more than half a million monthly UAW is tracked. Alien Worlds gameplay takes various forms, such as staking, participating in DAOs, trading NFT cards, and mining for Trilium (TLM). Alien Worlds is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), and its ecosystem is often ranked in the top 2 of the best blockchain games on DappRadar.


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One of the popular NFT trading card games, Splinterlands, runs on the Hive blockchain. This blockchain game helps bring gamers from the mainstream into the cryptocurrency game. Winning trading cards can be converted into ERC-721 tokens and flipped for profit in the NFT market. The combat is advanced by having different combinations of rules, and each character has its attack form. The tournament has awarded over $6.1 million in cash prizes, and players can also participate in individual quests to increase rankings. The original Splinterlands token is Splintershards (SPS), listed on Crypto.com. 

Even though metaverse crypto coins have decreased in value since the 'metaverse summer' in 2021, on-chain activity has continued to increase. This shows that gamers are still loyal and engaged. Upcoming blockchain games like Battle Infinity and Tamadoge have the potential to enter that market. Battle Infinity aims to bring hundreds of millions of fantasy sports fans to blockchain gaming, and Tamadoge seeks to increase the meme coin with more blockchain utility and gameplay. Silks is also a top choice among the best blockchain games to invest in due to their unique format.

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